About Us

Sabine and Rinzai have been sharing their expertise, intelligence and care with Sedona and it’s visitors for over 13 years.


Sabine describes herself as “Bon Vivant -“a person having cultivated, refined, and sociable tastes especially with respect to food.” Sabine creates nourishing & delicious foods for the store, and brings an understanding and love for natural & sustainable beauty care products.

Rinzai integrates his vast experience of natural remedies with free muscle testing, offering customers a comprehensive view of what their body is asking for, along with the appropriate combination of supplements to address any imbalance.

Rinzai graduated from the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics in 1981. He has studied Ayurvedic Medicine, worked with renowned herbalists and many health care professionals. Additionally, he has been teaching Kinesiology for over 20 years.

Rinzai takes great care in educating people on how to care for themselves. Having worked with thousands of people over the past 30+ years, his approach to well being is thorough & caring, delivered with grace and humor. Meditation and practicality are at the core of his life’s work.

Our Store

Rinzai’s Market is a full service natural foods market offering a complete range of natural foods, organic produce, supplements, body-care products, and locally made fresh deli items. Our market specializes in caring customer service and reasonable prices. We take pleasure in helping each & every person that comes through our door. Rinzai’s Market provides high quality nutritional supplements and offers intelligent advice on how to use them, at a competitive price.

“We don’t do gimmicks. We just offer a fair price on everything. This business is fun, that’s why I do it, it is not magic or rocket science, it’s just being human and treating people with respect”. – Rinzai Zwerin, Owner.

Our customers include people of all ages:

  • who have  a variety of special dietary needs
  • who appreciate personal service
  • who are grateful to pay reasonable prices for good products
  • who want advice on how to take care of themselves
  • who enjoy a calm, quiet, clean and comfortable place to shop
  • who like to support small local businesses
  • mothers taking care of their children

When you’re in this beautiful area, come in and enjoy our full selection of organic produce, natural foods, fresh deli-items, personal care products, supplements, raw foods and much more.