Synergistic Combos

Through our own experiences we have developed sets of products we use on ourselves to balance dis-eases in the body. Fundamentally, we use the naturopathic approach to caring for the body in that we look to remove the cause of why a situation exists, not suppress the symptom. Please understand this takes time. Yes, miracles happen, but normally when you are working with a situation that may have existed for years it takes time for the body to re-balance itself.

While we offer these combinations as a starting point, naturally, everyone’s situation is unique. To see what products might be best for you please feel free to contact us regarding yours. These product combinations are a great way to get started with a particular situation and save money by buying them together.

We are not doctors, therefore can neither diagnose, treat, or prescribe products for a medical condition. What we can share with you is our experience with, and approach to, nourishing and strengthening your body so you don’t get a symptom. We are not making any medical claims with our combinations. Neither can we answer questions about incompatibility or drug interactions.

If you have any doubts or questions about what supplements to take, or what contraindications might exist between supplements & medication, please consult your health care provider.