Inflammation & Pain

Getting people out of pain is one of our biggest priorities. A little aside: Everyone wakes up in the morning with 100 units of energy (though it may not feel like it, so just go with me on this for a moment). If you have to put 70 or 80 units into managing pain, you’ll only have, say, 20 left for living life. No wonder you can barely function. As your body’s inflammatory condition lessens, it’s not that you’ll have more energy, it’s that your allocation will be different and you’ll feel much more alive.

The herbs and nutrients we use are oriented towards two things:

1. Mitigating the inflammatory process, that is, getting the message to the body that it doesn’t need to keep making inflammation

2. Cleaning up, literally, ‘digesting’ the inflammation that has built up and is sucking up all your energy.

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