By definition, the process of creating life also creates toxins. The issue is how successfully they are removed. Many practitioners are detox oriented because our ‘toxic load’ is too high resulting in destructive consequences to our body.

The body is continually detoxifying through the lungs, colon, skin, urinary tract, and for women, menstruation. Understandably people think of toxins as bad. They are only dangerous when we cannot easily eliminate them. The herbs and nutrients we use day to day to help lessen our toxic load make it easier to stay healthy.

My trinity of health: Nutrification, Tonification, Detoxification. Get what you need, get it in shape, and get rid of the garbage. While detoxification is extremely important, we always remind people that to be healthy they have to properly nourish and strengthen themselves as well. Hence our emphasis on good digestion and regular exercise.

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