Many a customer in the store has heard me say that if a person were to come in with a broken leg and constipation; I would think twice which is more urgent in need of assistance. There is an old naturopathic saying: “Death begins in the colon”. As always, there are a variety of reasons why someone is not having one or two easy bowel movements every day. We offer these products to help get things going, without making you run to the toilet or making your body dependent on them.
The most important supplement for constipation is not a supplement at all, it is water. For our take on water and it’s importance please see our write up on Water. Think of the colon as kind of a living pond. Like a pond, if it does not have a steady stream of fresh water it will dry up and stagnate. Tea, coffee, soda, juice, etc. are not water. Only water hydrates.

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