Cold & Flu

With the cold/flu season upon us it is important to discuss what you might do:

1. to strengthen your immune system (Yes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure) and
2. if you do come down with something.

Again, we must emphasize here that we are not doctors and are neither diagnosing, prescribing or claiming to cure a disease. What we are saying is that these are the things we have done (and are doing) to take care of ourselves.

To protect and strengthen the immune system we use:
Rinzai’s Market Immune Support Formula
R-U-Ved Amla
New Chapter Immunity Take Care

To treat the experience of having a set of symptoms that come on over the course of a few hours, and commonly having started with a sore throat before moving up into the sinuses and/or down into the lungs (often without a fever) we use:
Rinzai’s Market This Year’s Flu formula
Rinzai’s Market Unproductive Cough formula (minimum 4 oz. of each)

If symptoms do produce a fever and have come on over the course of a couple days we have used the following.
Rinzai’s Market Cold Flu #3

One important note:
Normally, when we take something we tend to reduce to number of times per day we take it as we start feeling better. This is frequently a mistake. Please, when doing any of these products it is important to take then for three to four days after… ‘you can’t stand it, don’t need it, don’t want it, really I’m fine.’ That way you’ve really kicked out what’s going on and strengthened your system so it doesn’t return.

Many times there is a cough with these symptoms. We use the Unproductive Cough Formula with either This Year’s Formula or Cold Flu Formula #3

Please visit our Cold & Flu section under Health Topics, to get the appropriate formulas for your specific needs.

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