Bone Building

There are a variety of nutrients and herbs that support bone growth. This is one area where there is a lot of misunderstanding about which products to take. We remind people all the time, you are not what you eat, you’re what you assimilate. This also applies to the supplements you take. You are not what is on the label, you are what you actually utilize.

Most Calcium and other mineral supplements are sourced from rocks that we cannot assimilate so they are bonded with various amino acids to get them past the gut wall. Unfortunately, because they are not in a form recognizable by the body they often actually cause the body to attack them like it would any invader. Yes, your calcium can actually cause you to have an inflammatory response. Not exactly what you are looking for when trying to build connective tissue. The minerals we use are easily recognizable and utilized by the body. Adding Ostivone, a nutrient that is part of the bio-flavonoid family, and Vitamin K-2, to keep your bones hard, gives you a good chance to increase your bone density.

Ostivone has been shown in clinical studies to maximize bone mineral density and inhibit bone loss.

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