When you are allergic to something you are having an inflammatory response to that substance. Whether it is gluten or dairy or grasses or pets, your body is reacting to some perceived invader. When your body is unable to either process or eliminate a substance it attacks it. Chronic inflammation is finally being understood as the real cause of many diseases. We offer a variety of herbs & nutrients to help with this response. In addition to eliminating the substance you’re allergic to, we help you strengthen your immune system so it doesn’t go into an inflammatory response.

Having had seasonal allergies I was no longer satisfied with just treating the symptoms. I eliminated dairy & gluten and started taking the products below in order to strengthen my immune system so I would not get the inflammatory response in the first place. Yes, it takes time, but I no longer suffer from allergies.

Nearly eighty percent of our immune system is in our guts. Rebuilding them is the foundation for good health. These are the products I used to strengthen my system so my body no longer went into the allergy response.

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