Creating an alkaline environment in your body may be the single most important key to overall good health. Nearly all chronic diseases require an acidic environment to grow in. Many things contribute to making you acidic: chronic stress, a highly refined diet; lack of sleep, etc.

Regarding what foods to eat, we have a saying in the store: “Sweet makes you sour & sour makes you sweet.” In other words; the more pizza, meat, sugars, pasta, alcohol, bread, etc. the more your ph will be acidic. The more living fermented foods, live foods, green & sour foods, the higher your ph.

We have a variety of products to help increase your body’s ph. The easiest way to check it is with the ph papers. Please use a drop or two of urine to test your ph. Yes, saliva will show some aspects but the urine will reflect the entire body’s climate.

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